Cloud Expo 2015


November 3-5, 2015 | Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara | Visit our Booth #221

Join us for our speaker session: Harnessing the Power of Linked Open Data Cloud for better Decision Making

Most organizations are wondering how to utilize data science to improve decision making and business intelligence. What holds up this process is lack of data for analytics team. To some extent this dilemma has been resolved by Open Data initiative publishing large datasets in cloud and made available freely.

During this presentation, we will describe approach to access, re-organize and load useful data from Linked Open Data Cloud in your environment to enable Big data analytics. A case study will be presented on how healthcare providers are benefited by such dataset from open data cloud to make informed decisions in their practice.

Speaker Bio:

Umesh Kanade:

Umesh_Kanade Umesh Kanade is the general manager of technology solutions at Harbinger Systems. With more than 15 years' experience, Umesh has been actively involved in designing technology solutions with innovation and passion for a variety of businesses across the US. Umesh heads the proposal engineering function and is an active member of the organization's strategic initiatives group. He has been instrumental in driving the research and development portfolios at Harbinger, and is part of designing and delivering enterprise systems with big data and analytics solutions. Umesh holds a bachelor's degree in computer engineering.

Asheesh Choksi:

Asheesh_Choksi Asheesh has over 15 Years of Software development experience in breadth of software engineering. He is working as a Senior Architect at Harbinger systems, India. His interests are in implementing open source technologies for web applications and big data analytics. He has architected several successful projects based on Java, Ruby on Rails, Node JS, Python, Grails and JavaScript. His expertise lies in designing software applications based on multi-tier data models, segregating the business data into Relational and NoSQL layers. He is currently involved in design and development of Cloud based Electronic Health Record System. The application has been certified for Meaningful Use 2 framework of the Federal Government (2014). These days he is researching on developing systems to help health providers in making informed decisions during clinical processes. He is a Ph.D. in Micro-electronics from Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay.