Harbinger is recognized as a thought leader in the eLearning domain. With an experience of more than two decades, Harbinger provides Learning solution consulting and technology services to organizations across the globe. The team has contributed to AICC standards on eLearning and has been serving the Education as well as Corporate L&D (Learning and Development) sector for several years.

Harbinger Learning Domain Experience

Harbinger Learning Domain Experience

Our services span across the entire learning domain from Talent Management, Blended and Adaptive Learning, Learning Infrastructure, Content Management Systems, and Live Synchronous Collaboration to Virtual Classroom Integration.

    LMS, LCMS product development

    We pride ourselves for having helped many enterprise learning system providers in LMS, LCMS product development. And today, these products are amongst the market leaders. Our areas of experience include:

    • Courses, Videos, Interactivities, Gamifications, Tests, and Calendar for Students, Instructors, Administrators, Delivery of Training Programs
    • Enrollment, Notifications, Assessments, Multi-level Tracking, LRS (Learning Record Store), Reports, Analytics, Certifications, etc. The integration details are covered below.
    • Our deep understanding of the learning domain has enabled us to develop Search engines and assist in Search content, Search Metadata, Tags and Recommendation engine for generating accurate learning plans
    • We build end-to-end LMS solutions. Some of our customers are eLearning leaders today and have a massive installed base of learning customers.
    • LCMS: Create, store, reuse, and manage learning objects from a central object repository.

    Authoring Systems

    Harbinger provides end-to-end development of authoring systems. We help our customers in their Learning and Development initiatives-

    • Assemble course via graphics, multimedia and interactivities
    • Create versions. Create lesson structure, assessments, course structure. Add tracking, glossary. Compliances. No programming needed.

    Elicitus Content Publisher and market-leading Raptivity are the premier exemplars of Harbinger eLearning innovations.

    Content Publishing Systems

    We have extensive experience in Content Publishing Systems. The services include content packaging (convert to ePub and other formats), provisioning (monetize, marketplace), distribution, viewing (online/offline device specific readers, interactivity features) and analytics.

    • Reader: Bookmark, Annotations, Highlight, Notes and Sharing
    • eCommerce and Licensing (of courses): Subscription systems and Marketplace systems
    • Security, Authorization, Digital Rights Management and Asset Management

    Virtual Learning Environment

    We can help set up your VLE (Virtual Learning Environment). It could encompass Synchronous Learning, Instructor-Led Systems and Blended Learning Systems, as well as off-the-shelf and customized open source systems. A deep understanding of SCORM, xAPI and QTI standards helps us cater to the learning solution needs of our customers efficiently. As an early adopter, we recognize the importance of learning in the connected world and Social Learning. Our SMAC (Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud) expertise has helped multiple customers to enhance existing solutions to enable social learning innovatively at a large scale.

    Offline Learning - Anytime Anywhere

    Offline learning for low connectivity situations: Our Offline Content Player for eLearning provides enterprises with a seamless and highly secure way to access existing training content without continuous internet connectivity. It is the world's first easy-to-use, secured, standards-based player for accessing rich multimedia content offline. The one-level or multi-level offline player supports tablets and phone (mobile devices) as well. It has automatic synchronization, and we make it all the more efficient, by helping you integrate the OLP with your LMS. Know more about Harbinger Offline Player.

    Experience: Anytime anywhere learning (synchronized) - mobile, tablet and desktop.

    Integration Solutions

    To derive real benefits from eLearning and to engage the learner, eLearning systems like LMS and LCMS need to share and access data with other systems seamlessly. Harbinger Systems provides integration solutions for eLearning systems with other enterprise solutions/third-party tools such as digital whiteboards, HRMS, performance appraisal systems, e-commerce systems, virtual/ digital classroom, chat room, etc.

    Performance Measurement and Support

    Performance Measurement, Performance support and real-time help; Custom Tools Harbinger Systems has deep understanding of eLearning industry standards such as SCORM, xAPI, CMI5, COPPA, LTI, AICC, etc. Among other things, we also provide services like writing SCORM and xAPI wrappers around legacy content, building bridges to connect Learning Management Systems with actual content and writing SCORM translators. Through our dedicated focus on xAPI's and analytics, we have enabled our existing customers to implement highly adaptive and blended learning solutions and integrated it with a variety of LRS platforms.
    Learn more about Harbinger's Offline Content Player for eLearning.

Harbinger is a provider of eLearning Technology Services and Solution Consulting to enterprises and product companies in the eLearning domain. Please feel free to contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to connect back with you to understand your specific eLearning needs.


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