HCM Success Stories from Harbinger Systems

'Employee-first' approach, innovative performance management solutions and optimizing people data have revolutionized the HCM ecosystem. With Affordable Care Act coming to the mainstream, compliance management, employee benefits (wellbeing) and vigorous workforce management initiatives have seen a surge.
Harbinger provides services to engineer robust and scalable HCM products and help transform people solutions from "Recruit-to-Retire".

Experience the HCM success stories from Harbinger Systems.

HCM product engineering services by Harbinger Systems:

With an experience of more than 15 years in HCM space, Harbinger has helped several leading HCM ISVs build next-gen solutions to empower talent and achieve successful business results. Some of our recent work resulted in:

  • Higher employee engagement and L&D activities through Digital HR (SMAC)
  • Robust, scalable, and customizable solutions with cloud enablement
  • Efficient workforce performance management leveraging data science and analytics tool and technologies
  • Simplifying HCM operations with mobility, gamification, and anytime anywhere solution
  • Higher trust factor on solutions leveraging advanced testing techniques

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A Cloud-based Collaborative Learning and Coaching Platform

HCM provider captures market share quickly with an innovative coaching platform enhancing the organizational L&D initiatives


Engage for Success: Improve Workforce Engagement with Open Communication and Continuous Feedback

Harbinger Systems, a technology partner to leading product companies, in its zeal to foster a work environment where employees feel engaged and motivated, has been utilizing various innovative methods to promote continuous dialog with employees and provide continuous feedback. The results are striking! These efforts improved productivity on business deliverables, increased customer satisfaction enabling multi-year engagements and minimized employee turnover.


Enabling Employee Engagement with Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go, the recently launched Augmented Reality (AR) gaming app available on iOS and Android, has become a phenomenon in a very short time! It has elevated player engagement to newer heights, with people going bonkers over finding new characters in all possible corners of the world. With Pokémon Go, users travel/move around (physically walk) to different locations

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