Harbinger Systems has significant experience in helping ISVs providing healthcare technology services to Payers, Public Health, Medicare, Pharma and other healthcare segments. Our knowledge and experience of healthcare regulations and standards such as Meaningful Use Certification, HIPAA (covers confidentiality and security), HL7 (interoperability standard) and ICD are reflected in the delivery of high quality and robust healthcare systems we have built.

Harbinger solutions have benefitted millions of patients and lives for the past 10 years. Our profound understanding of the healthcare domain makes us a preferred partner to ISVs, helping them stay ahead of the curve by delivering quality healthcare applications for Payers, Providers, Employer and Patients. Under the umbrella of Healthcare domain, Harbinger Systems offers the following services:


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Mobile health applications help provide vital health information at your fingertips; enabling a personalized approach to how patients receive healthcare with the support of mobile phones, tablets, patient monitoring devices, etc. mHealth software development from Harbinger Systems has enabled many ISVs to improve patient care while reducing costs. Know more!

Healthcare Intelligence

Harbinger has extensive experience in building products around Healthcare Analytics for EHR, enterprise health applications and small applications. Know more!

Harbinger Provider Framework

Harbinger’s expertise can be leveraged by product companies for coming up with their provider network adequacy (PNA) and performance assessment (PPA) offerings within shortest time-window and lean product development budgets. Know more!

Healthcare Showcase

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A Credential Management System For Hospitals

A SaaS based comprehensive credentialing solution reduced delays for medical staff referencing significantly


IoT in Healthcare: An overview

Insights on how IoT is redefining the current healthcare ecosystem and the various applications of IoT in healthcare.


Medical Wearable Technology: A Trend that is Here to Stay

Medical wearable technology is no more a thing of the future; it is certainly one of the hottest digital health trends of 2015. This disruptive innovation has revolutionized the way people connect with the digital world to make themselves healthier and improve their lives.

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