Harbinger Systems has extensive experience in providing Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions from recruit to retire. Our expertise in enterprise product engineering and employee-centric product design has helped several leading HCM companies. Together we have built award winning next-gen solutions to empower employees and achieve successful business results.

Our service offerings comprise of core product development, product enhancements, maintenance and support services. We are well equipped to build rich and integrated HR Delivery Solutions to support all your HCM software needs. Our domain experience runs across:

Social Recruitment

We enable talent management solution providers to quickly and effectively bridge talent gap in organizations by leveraging various social channels.

  • Streamlining application process
  • Automated recruitment referencing
  • Enabling data-driven recruitment strategy

Collaborative Onboarding

Through strategic use of technology we help HR service providers in bringing down operational costs involved in Onboarding.

  • Video enabled, Anytime Anywhere accessible self-guided new joiner tours
  • Seamless employee verification
  • Automated workflows for Onboarding, Crossboarding and Offboarding
  • Integrating blended learning solutions

Anytime Anywhere Learning

Leveraging our extensive expertise in eLearning, we help product companies build innovative award winning next-gen learning solutions.

  • Enabling on-the-go learning experience
    across various devices
  • Use of xAPI for tracking user interactions and analytics
  • Social and collaborative learning

Data Driven Employee Benefits

We enable HCM vendors to build self-service platforms to engage multi-generational workforces.

  • Benefits Administration and COBRA-HIPAA-ACA Compliance
  • Enabling greater automation and integration of benefits
  • Personalized benefit recommendations
  • Benefit Exchanges
  • Wellness

Engagement and Rewards

Help product companies to build innovative systems that enhance workforce engagement.

  • Enabling better employee-manager connect with continuous feedback tools
  • Delivering of integrated Ad Hoc tools and lighter mobile apps
  • Rewards-n-Recognitions, creative activities and CSR
  • Learning management, certifications and certification compliance
  • Mentor connect
  • Self-service apps and case management

Workforce Analytics

Empower HR product companies to discover and analyze workforce related information across the enterprise.

  • Comprehensive but simplified reporting and visualization
  • Evidence based decision-making on identified trends
  • Predictive analytics using Machine Learning algorithms

Organization and Knowledge

  • Organization Management, People Allocation and Personal Info Management
  • Knowledge Management, Content Authoring and Policy Compliance (Ethics, Safety, etc.)
  • Performance Management, Goal Management and Compensation Management
  • Leave Management and Attendance Tracking
Integration| Social| Mobile| Analytics| Cloud| Compliance

Today we see technophiles, socially connected millennials in the workplace, leading to an increased emphasis on how social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) can play a key role in overcoming HR challenges. Challenges such as, increased engagement and reach, enabling planning for future workforce needs, integrated, simplified mobile-enabled platforms and much more. Harbinger has an extensive experience in applying Digital HR (SMAC) to create innovative solutions for Employee Engagement and Talent Management. Contact us for your HR software needs.

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