2D Animation Game on Android and iOS

An online media company forayed into gaming space with their own casual 2D game for iOS and Android platforms



A leading online media company focused on gaming industry wanted to foray into the gaming space with their own games. The company wanted to start with some casual games targeted to well-known mobile platforms.


Game to be published on iOS and Android platforms with same codebase. Provide a very fluidic gaming experience involving rich graphics, audio and animation. Short turn-around time, work against a fixed release date. Art and Programming teams were at different geographical locations and in different time zones.

Harbinger Solution

Used Corona SDK for 2D game development as it supports rapid development and publishing from single source for iOS and Android platforms. Corona SDK also enabled reusing some art assets that were originally developed for creating Flash animations. Animated sprites and physics engine of Corona were used to provide seamless user experience.

Technologies & Tools

Corona SDK for iOS and Android LUA Scripting Integration with Facebook and Twitter


Ability to publish for multiple mobile platforms from single source, significant cost and time savings The company could meet very aggressive timelines and release the game as per the planned release date