An Apex Web Portal for Syndication of Document Storages and More

Bringing order from chaos of multiple storage sites enabling collaboration within affinity group



US based startup envisioning a web based offering for document sharing and syndication for professional institutes and members

Client saw an opportunity due to silo nature of popular document storages lacking document management and group sharing analytics


  • Members have documents stored at different popular web storages such as, Dropbox, Google Drive. It is difficult to share, download, edit documents at different locations with others.
  • Cumbersome to manage across multiple storages having different login credentials and processes
  • Inability of document centric minimum collaboration
  • Lack of traceability and sharing analyses

Harbinger Solution

  • As per client's startup vision, we developed a web portal providing member registration, document storage, document life cycle management, syndication across preferred third party storages and rich analytics
  • Keeping in mind the demographic choices, made provision for login using Google, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn credential to ease access
  • In addition to own storage using Amazon cloud, developed interfaces with Dropbox, and Google Drive using web services with scope for future expansion with more third party storage providers
  • Integrated with open source platform 'Discourse' for collaborative discussion threads using robust framework of ember.js
  • Incorporated document management features including view, download, edit, annotate, rename, copy and share (individual or group). Implemented unique feature of annotations to a Word or PDF file or webpage using HTML5.
  • Offered cool social analytics through viral indicators e.g. number of share, number of download, views, edits, tracking date-wise and geographical area-wise
  • Matching the startup culture of the client, worked in experienced yet lean manner. Evaluated multiple approaches assuring dependable and cost effective offshore development services. Shouldered tasks of design, coding, testing and deployment on Amazon cloud.
  • Continuing value delivery, developing new features like task management and community broadcast

Technologies & Tools

  • Platform: RubyOnRail 4, JQuery, HTML5, MySQL, Amazon S3 cloud
  • Special components: Highchart, PDF.js, 3D.js
  • Third party integration: Discourse (Ember.js, PostgreSQL), Google Drive, Dropbox,
  • Libraries (Gems): Devise.OmniAuth; combine_pdf; paperclip; AWS-SDK ; DropBox SDK; Ruby Box; unoconv; pundit; symmetric-encryption; pdfkit; mandrill_mailer


  • Client enjoyed the speed and flexibility in realizing their startup vision with Harbinger's hologram startup service offerings
  • Client could achieve agility and cost effectiveness with Amazon S3 cloud hosting completely managed by Harbinger
  • User community is delighted with ease of working on scattered documents along with social analytics of viral indicators
  • Professional institutes get efficiency and cost saving in their operations and information dissemination