Extensible Intelligent iOS App for Crisis Management

Getting powerful collaboration amongst organizational users, in their hands, on the go



  • Europe based mid-size product company providing collaborative solutions for risk, business continuity and crisis management to private clients and governments
  • A Web based desktop solution having been established, the company was gearing up to provide the ease of use to user through smart phones


  • Being desktop solution, recording observations & collaboration on the spot was not possible, much needed in case of crisis.
  • Lack of tracking of geographical position of user making observations resulted in delayed response to collaborate.
  • A need was strongly felt for flexible UI to cater to various business scenarios.

Harbinger Solution

  • As per client's business goal, we developed a powerful iOS app for recording observations and collaboration on the go. In addition to online mode, this app also provides offline mode for recording observations with in-device database and synchronization with the server later.

An Intelligent Crisis Mangement App

  • HarbingerApp retrieves the UI configuration from the server and renders dynamically the user interfaces matching the specific scenario. This dynamism in UI is coded without compromising the highly intuitive nature with complex tree structure giving a great user experience.
  • The important addition over desktop version is introduction of new features - notifications and chat. For location tracking, the app uses Apple MapKit. These features give that extra touch of modernity of 'right-now-right-here' to meet demands of the modern business.
  • Considering heavy duty operations, the performance of app has been optimized through concurrent processing on database - Core Data.
  • The development of app was characterized by smart integration with server using web services and collaboration with client's server development team.
  • For flawless, high quality, our focused practices for testing, code profiling and architecture review were engaged in the same project plan and timeframe seamlessly.
  • To meet the growing user demography pan Europe, we handled the localization for multiple languages as part of the project.

Technologies & Tools

  • iOS (v7, v8)
  • Storyboard
  • Objective C
  • Core Data
  • Apple MapKit
  • SBJSON library XCODE
  • Instruments (memory leak detection)
  • SVN (version control)


  • Being the first iOS app in this segment, it bolstered the market share of the client both in existing and new segments.
  • Client achieved reduction in time to market of iOS app through specialized skills of co-development of Harbinger.
  • End users enjoy the empowerment with live, on the spot collaboration and location services.
  • Releasing this app on most popular business mobile platform in Europe enhanced the user base and user satisfaction with intuitive UI.