A Cloud-based Collaborative Learning and Coaching Platform

HCM provider captures market share quickly with an innovative coaching platform enhancing the organizational L&D initiatives


About the Client

A US based startup ISV in HCM domain offering talent management solutions

Business Situation

The client identified a need for the organizations to effectively manage and utilize the employees' skills, knowledge, and abilities (SKA) by providing appropriate coaching. This idea was aimed at improving the performance of individuals and groups in the organizational settings.

The existing L&D solutions in the market were not able to engage users and enable active participation; Resulting into less participation.

The client wanted an on-demand scalable application which can easily be customized as per user needs and hence cater to a wider user base.

Harbinger Solution

We developed a SaaS-based application using open source technologies like RoR (Ruby-on-Rails) in combination with agile process to facilitate rapid development.

  • Enabled easy connection with desired experts for end users by means of an intelligent recommendation engine which pre-populates results based on users profile. Also provided visualization of all direct and indirect connections in a graphical layout to make overall experience rich and interactive. The layout depicted details like user profile and SKAs, user information etc.
  • Empowered end users to chart their own milestone based learning plan in consultation with the experts with the help of various application interfaces
  • Increased employee engagement with social elements like Chat, Real-time notifications and reminders, Sharing of content, Blog subscription and Groups.
  • Achieved desired scalability and seamless account management setup by implementing a multi-tenant architecture
  • High performance with the help of in-memory computing
  • Enabled faster search and storage of user connections and their associations by utilizing graph database
  • Equipped administrator with meaningful insights in terms of various data and audit reports for performance review
  • Enhanced the L&D activities by developing a content catalogue system that enabled the users to use proprietary contents (client owned) as well as various 3rd party contents


  • Enabled client to enter the market quickly with an intelligent, interactive coaching platform
  • Improved employee engagement with seamless social collaboration among learners and experts
  • Milestone based planning feature helped individuals track their learning progress and instill a sense of accomplishment
  • A strikingly appealing way to visualize individual connections and their details resulted in improved user experience and an engaging user interface. This helped increase customer base manifold.
  • Enabled organization to visualize learning trends amongst their employees and helped in getting control on monitoring and administrative activities