A Comprehensive Recruitment Reference Checking System

Facilitates recruiters to speed up candidate reference checking through an automated and easily configurable recruitment reference screening system


About the Client

A US based ISV in HCM domain catering to multitudes of industries for their talent management needs

Business Situation

Our client in HR domain was catering to 100’s of recruitment agencies with its recruitment management system.

The client’s customers faced challenges in manual verification of candidates in the recruitment process. The verification process was cumbersome and was time consuming.

The client needed to adhere to the recruitment policies set by the government.

Harbinger Solution

Harbinger developed a robust, feature rich and easily configurable reference checking system which:

  • Reduced process time by automating recruitment-referencing process
  • Increased efficiency by streamlining talent search through filter option of the application
  • Boosted decision-making capabilities of the recruiter by implementing intelligent algorithms to generate charts and graphs for comparing candidate skills, feedback received from references and experience.
  • Increased productivity on-the-go by providing seamless access across multiple platforms
  • Provided a quick dashboard view of recruitment process which includes pending actions and reminders
  • Enabled multiple language support by implementing language library component
  • Implemented smart mapping logic to generate reports and charts that depicts survey usage patterns, reference response time, etc. to further evaluate effectiveness and modifications required in the recruitment process


The recruitment reference checking system delivered the following benefits for our client:

  • Saved on client’s customers resources by automating the candidate reference check process
  • Maximized on revenue because the referencing system could be implemented in new markets
  • Enabled accurate decision-making capabilities through rich analytics.
  • Delivered enhanced user experience by offering multiple language support
  • Offered quick and easy customization as the system was highly configurable.