A Desktop Based Educational Gaming Software

The company was able to create a desktop educational gaming software that provides a rich user experience, enhanced flexibility and supports multiple languages and platforms



  • A South Africa mid-size ISV in learning domain has a variety of products in educational games for the children from age group 3 to 12 and above
  • The ISV wants to enhance the games software functionality to cater to a wider audience and grow its market leadership


  • Need for a mechanism to add new categories and products to the existing list of games and publish it in different languages for varied age groups of children
  • Track the progress of each game for the individual user and to provide different levels of difficulty-easy, medium, hard, in the game
  • Have product licensing and product activation in online and offline mode, in a secured manner
  • Make the games available in online and in DVD format
  • Support installation and usage on Macintosh machine

Harbinger Solution

  • Using Flex and AutoIT, a separate desktop component was built so that games can be published in different languages. The flexible architecture of desktop component enabled creation of new categories and products easily.
  • Implemented a business logic to track the progress of the games by each user and support different difficulty levels in the games
  • Created the product licensing and activation component to support both online and offline activations. Data security was ensured by encryption of the activation keys.
  • Implemented a web based CMS for making the games available online. Also packaged the games to be made available in DVD format.
  • Implemented the component for playing and tracking the games on Macintosh machine

Technologies & Tools

  • FLEX
  • AutoIT
  • Flash Player SDK
  • Scripting


  • Led to a rich and engaging experience for the users as they could create new categories and play the games in their preferred languages
  • Provided a better learning value for the users and wider appeal for varied age groups of children as they could track their performance and set their own difficulty levels
  • Provided flexible and secure product licensing and product activation options for user
  • Gave users an online as well as an offline game playing environment
  • Helped capture a wider user base with the addition of games support for Macintosh machine