A Facebook Game Like Scrabble with the Psychological Challenges of Poker

Enhanced user experience and wider audience with intuitive interface robust design and social media integration



  • A startup company in online social gaming domain identified the need to revamp their game with an engaging interface to enhance the user experience and create better appeal for the audience


  • Make the game robust for multi-user scenarios and monitor for frequent crashes
  • Integrate game with Facebook to leverage social media features and monetize the game app
  • Create an attractive and engaging UI and judiciously use limited screen size of Facebook Apps page while ensuring all key features of the game are visible on screen
  • Modification of game logic to bring higher accuracy in the monetary calculations in the game play

Harbinger Solution

  • Identified the defect causing frequent crashes in game and the application's code was appropriately modified. Team also conducted the testing of all possible scenarios in the game using dedicated machines and dummy/model users.
  • Implemented Facebook APIs in the game. This enabled features like chips buying options, addition of social features like inviting friends, display of news and notification on wall and a dashboard listing friends, their status and high scores.
  • Conducted a user experience test with subjects ranging from novices to experts. The outcome was an attractive and intuitive UI making optimal use of real estate. The team also integrated background sounds for various user interactions and this gave an engaging experience to the player.
  • Improved the game logic to ensure proper pot distribution, precise division of chips in the main pots and side pots among players

Technologies & Tools

  • FLEX
  • LUA
  • Facebook SDK
  • MySQL
  • C & PHP


  • Cross platform mobile application development resulted in reduced development efforts and faster time to market. The mobile application offered greater convenience to the customers, enhanced the reach and captured a wider user base.
  • Use of secure data encryption methodology facilitated higher trust and confidence for the users
  • Application worked seamlessly on any device with any resolution/size and thereby resulted in wider accessibility and enhanced user experience