A Real Time Collaboration and Project Management App for Construction Industry

Task management and collaboration application for construction industry to stay connected with contractors and co-workers in real time



  • A US based Startup in construction domain offering software solutions for data collaboration and project management
  • Wants to build a real-time collaboration app for iOS and Android devices for contractors


  • To implement and imbibe the diverse workflow and concepts of construction industry in a mobile application to improve collaboration and management along with support for wide range of form factors
  • Real-time map view of work sites presenting details like locations, pin on map & people
  • Auto check-in and checkout at worksite
  • Integrated Planner for events, alerts, tasks etc.
  • Ability to create workforce using contacts from device and Facebook
  • Basic document management functionality to edit and share documents

Harbinger Solution

  • Implemented a SOA model using REST based APIs to provide simultaneous use and mutual data exchange between App and Application server to manage data operations. Custom component developed to support business workflows and work event lifecycle.
  • Multi-view dashboard implemented according to standards using Google & Apple Maps to present map view of work sites, people locations, driving directions etc.
  • Implemented a custom component utilizing native GPS APIs for auto check-ins & checkouts at work sites
  • Developed a Timeline view to present discussions, tasks, alerts and recent activities intuitively, utilized calendar components for implementing Planner features
  • Integrated with Facebook, for creating workforce and providing additional support through options to invite users over email or from device contacts
  • Dedicated custom UI to edit various types of files and options to share it between multiple users through web server

Technologies & Tools

    VRG Calendar
  • Xcode
  • Android ADK
  • VRG Calendar


  • Enabled user to get all the important details of sites in a quick glance. Improved task management and completion of work in effective and efficient manner by avoiding delays caused due to disruptive and non real time communication.
  • Enhanced user experience provided by integration of innovative social and native device features
  • Transparent and accurate payroll expedition process with check in and checkout feature
  • Ease of tracking work without being physically present on the site, through pictures and various documents accessible from a centralized document management system