A Secure Insurance Business App for iPhone and Android

Insurance company leverages mobile channel to expand its user base with a secure platform and engaging customer experience across all mobile devices



  • A leading Insurance broker in USA provides information related to various insurance plans and insurance providers to the companies and their employees. This information is provided through a web application.
  • The broker wants to extend its solution to mobile devices to cater to the growing business requirements


  • Need to publish the mobile app on iOS and Android in the shortest timelines. This application shall works as a handy wallet card for the end users to access all required information easily in emergency situations without accessing the online application.
  • Provide a secured and handy member id for the user(s).
  • The mobile application shall support any device and device size(s).

Harbinger Solution

  • Harbinger developed the mobile application in PhoneGap technology. Use of Phone Gap facilitated reusability of code as the same codebase can be published for iOS and Android and also reduced the development time for the application.
  • HIPAA guidelines were followed to ensure secured member id for the user. Harbinger implemented Advanced Encryption Algorithm (AES) to encrypt the member id. AES JavaScript was used to achieve a high-security data encryption.
  • Harbinger implemented fluid UI for the application.

Technologies & Tools

  • PhoneGap Framework
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • jQuery Mobile


  • Cross platform mobile application development resulted in reduced development efforts and faster time to market. The mobile application offered greater convenience to the customers, enhanced the reach and captured a wider user base.
  • Use of secure data encryption methodology facilitated higher trust and confidence for the users
  • Application worked seamlessly on any device with any resolution/size and thereby resulted in wider accessibility and enhanced user experience