A web based portal to track various equity holdings and capitalization table

Web portal enables valuation company to achieve higher productivity and provide an enhanced user experience resulting in rapid scaling of customer base



  • A US based company in the domain of valuation and advisory services had high net worth individuals, private companies, public companies and attorneys as their customers
  • Company wanted to carve a strong differentiator in the market space using tech based solutions


  • Company had to manually gather lots of data and documents related to the capitalization (cap) table and equity ownership from their customers
  • Mostly the data received from customer was incorrect or not updated. As a result of which lots of time was spent in to and fro communication for gathering correct data.
  • The customers shared data in the form of spreadsheets and pdfs with the company. Performing analysis on the data in its current form was difficult.
  • Customers struggled with documents to figure out the updated information on equity ownership and vesting details of their firm

Harbinger Solution

  • Harbinger developed a RubyonRails based web application. This application had two interfaces; one for the company (admin user) and the other a responsive customer interface, developed using twitter bootstrap and jQuery.
  • Harbinger integrated Dropbox with the application. This enabled easy data sharing by the customer with the client. We implemented a feed mechanism enabling the company to notify the concerned user in customer's firm about missing or incorrect information.
  • The web application provided an easy mechanism for the company to key in the relevant details from the pdfs, spreadsheet. This centralized data could then be used for further analysis such as funding scenarios
  • The inbuilt capabilities of Activeadmin plugin in ROR was leveraged to enable role based data access to customers and their employees. This provided a consolidated place to view all the information through the web app. The highlights of the solution were:
    • Built Data tables for viewing equity ownership information via capitalization(cap) table
    • Developed graphical widgets using Highcharts and provided dashboard view to quickly view the funding timeline, equity ownership summary
    • Used Rufus scheduler gem to periodically apply scheduled vesting to enable end users to view updated and accurate vesting details

Technologies & Tools

  • RubyOnRail 4, JQuery Validation Engine, Postgres
  • Highcharts, Git (Version Control), Heroku
  • Active Admin


  • Improved the overall efficiency of the valuation process, this resulted in scaling up the customer base
  • Ensured seamless communication between company and customer
  • Empowered customers to take informed decisions quickly