A Web Based Scalable and Responsive Fitness Analytics Application

A robust and novel fitness tracking platform for athletes and coaches revitalized the client's overall customer experience and increased long-term brand loyalty



  • A startup ISV in fitness and wellness domain
  • Providing technology based analytics solutions for athletes and gyms to optimize their workout training
  • The technology stack of the application was not scalable to meet future needs. It also suffered from high latency and UI-UX issues such as lack of intuitive navigation, RWD compliance etc.


  • Application to be made scalable amidst unstructured data for over 9 workout types along with reduced latency
  • A functionality to add affiliated gyms was needed
  • Develop a user centered design with the ability to display key metrics in a visually appealing format irrespective of screen size
  • Provide real-time generation of workout summary for users
  • Social media integration was essential
  • Enable users to access application via kiosks

Harbinger Solution

After due-diligence Harbinger proposed the redevelopment of the entire application to ensure a robust, flexible and scalable system.

  • MongoDB was used to store and accommodate different workout types and their associated unstructured data
  • Implemented a user management system in rails and combined it with an access management system for seamless on-boarding process of gym affiliates.
  • Utilized wireframes approach to design layout and optimize placements of components followed by validation from actual users ie. Coach and athletes.
  • Built the application in responsive manner and utilized a third party jQuery plugin to construct graphs and charts to present statistical data to the users
  • Integrated open source plug-in for calendar view and grid view with search functionality
  • Implemented an in-house built plugin using jQuery that reciprocates user interactions with the HTML form and converts that data into textual workout summary
  • Integrated 3rd party application Disqus, a social commenting system with single sign on feature and Olark, a live chat support system for users to interact and collaborate their experiences and results
  • Managing user session & ownership of data for individual athletes to access and punch in details through kiosks

Technologies & Tools

  • Ruby On Rails 3.2
  • jQuery 3.1
  • MongoDB
  • HTML5
  • CSS3


  • Robust and Scalable architecture enabled easy future enhancements like adding more workout types. Platform can easily scale up in additional ‘000s user load of end-user and ensuring high throughput amidst concurrent users.
  • Effortless on-boarding process for gym affiliates resulted in increased web traffic conversions, thereby increased user base.
  • Application provides a seamless experience over web, mobile and kiosk resulting in wider accessibility and savings for the client.
  • Enhanced user experience and ease of operations with:
  • Improved visualization of workout performance
  • Simplified process for logging in workout summary details and maintaining a consistent format
  • Reduced customer service response time and enabling users to collaborate with each other