Accelerated Test Automation with Hybrid Framework

Company achieved enhanced customer satisfaction levels with the reduced number of leaked defects and the best product quality.



  • A US based high profile company in Network Security Domain
  • They have a proprietary platform that has network, endpoint, mobile and temporal event based malware detection and risk modeling, as well as unparalleled threat feed data on malicious IP addresses


  • Frequent patches and hot fixes due to insufficient test coverage leading more defect leakage
  • Company wanted Agile Testing Model to be implemented requiring robust, efficient, and Frequent Testing
  • Manual Testing and reporting incurred more time & effort
  • Unable to cover all the scenarios for every maintenance release
  • Large number of permutations and combinations for Test data
  • Support for multi-browser increased the testing scope further

Harbinger Solution

With one week of customization, Harbinger's Selenium based Hybrid Automation Framework was deployed. This framework comprised of:

  • The Keyword driven approach that simplified the scripting process (no programming skills required)
  • Data driven capability provided reuse of same scripts for multiple data set
  • One Engineer developed 43 test scripts, each with about 35 data combinations (total 1500 test cases) in 3 weeks
  • Team was able to create manual test cases for every sprint during the agile development
  • Earlier the team was able to execute only 400 regression test cases (38% coverage) within the stipulated timeframe and only on one browser. After automation they were able to execute all 1500 test cases (100% coverage) in a day's time. It also allowed multiple browsers to execute automation scripts at the same time.
  • Framework gives three levels of HTML reports- a test suite report for management, detailed report of every test script in the suite for tester to help in filing defects and screenshots to help the developer in defect fixing.

Technologies & Tools


  • NET 4.0 MVC4, AJAX, XML
  • Web farming and Load balancer
  • MySQL, Tomcat Apache
  • Android for mobile platform


  • Selenium Web Driver, Java
  • HHAF automation framework
  • IE, FF and Chrome browsers


  • Increased the test coverage reducing defect leakage ratio. Thereby reducing the overall cost of maintenance.
  • Since the frequency of release cycle was one release every month, the above benefits get multiplied twelve times a year and bring in higher cost savings.
  • Provided high level and detailed level reports of all the tests, reducing test management efforts and assisted in informed decision-making.