App for High Quality Video Content on Smart TVs

The client successfully expanded their network with the addition of a Smart TV application



A leading service provider of entertainment and gaming videos through YouTube wants to expand services to Smart TVs


  • Publish the application on Samsung smart TV app store
  • Better and uniform user experience on multiple TV models using remote control interaction
  • Stream videos from YouTube - a single source that served other multiple streaming applications by the customer on other platforms

Harbinger Solution

  • Developed a widget application conforming to Samsung's Application Development Guidelines
  • Programmed the remote control device to interact with application to select, play, pause, forward and rewind videos across all models of Samsung Smart TVs
  • Implemented layout and styles maintaining the user Interface with same look and feel across different TV models of various sizes and picture quality
  • Integrated YouTube's JavaScript API in application and used predefined functions of API for handling the player functionality

Technologies & Tools

  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • JavaScript
  • Samsung SDK
  • JQuery
  • YouTube API


  • The application facilitated distribution of video content with engaging experience on Samsung Smart TVs thereby resulting in increased user base for client
  • The client was able to publish the entertainment videos through single channel and enhance the reach of the videos
  • An adaptable user Interface approach helped maintain the same look and feel of the application on various Smart TV models