Collaboration Tool for Informal Learning

Enriched interactions between participants enriches the learning experience and makes a dynamic learning experience available anywhere, anytime



  • A diversified enterprise delivering software training and services across many geographies
  • Company uses a conventional technique to make presentations, conduct quick polls or debate on interesting topics from its website


  • Company wants a unified model where various learning activities can be hosted without need for proprietary software
  • Company wants its users to collaborate by participating in activities such as polls, defining most common search terms and debates
  • Company wants the tool to be easily embeddable on the web portal as a component

Harbinger Solution

  • A web-based interface that enables users to collaborate and contribute while staying on a web page
  • An Adobe Flash software requiring no installation running on a browser
  • Various activities provided "on demand" within one application, eliminating the need for multiple widgets or tools
  • Real-time polling & updates provide enhanced interactivity for all the activities such as poll, presentation-sharing and discussions

Technologies & Tools

  • Adobe Flash, XML and JavaScript (for web client)
  • Microsoft ASP.NET, ADO.NET (for server side programming)
  • MS SQL Server 2005
  • Microsoft Windows Services


  • Users able to comment, contribute and collaborate without leaving the training web page
  • Multiple activities provided in one application making configuration and maintenance simpler and economical