Collaboration Tool Integration with Lotus Notes

A multi-threaded, COM-based Lotus Notes Add-in that brought a collaboration system into the user's email client, enabling them to schedule events and send invitations for their collaboration events



Our customer, a leading Collaboration System vendor wanted to provide ability to manage collaboration events from the user's mail client (i.e. Lotus Notes) via a standard API.


This project required a thorough understanding of the Domino/Notes programming API. It required us to be familiar with the various deployment scenarios for Domino server and Notes Client. We also had to provide backup and rollback features for the users mail file to avoid loss of important data.

Harbinger Solution

Harbinger did a lot of research to come with a baseline design for supporting the Add-in across multiple versions of the Notes client. We also did a very intensive threat modeling exercise to address all security issues.

The core part of the Add-in was developed as a set of COM components, which communicated with the Notes API and the Collaboration server. Certain user interface screens and rules for modifying the mail files were developed using VBScript, which in turn communicated with the COM components. Multi-threading was also used to support asynchronous communication and avoid deadlocks. The Add-in also supported multiple languages.

Harbinger also played an important role in packaging and deployment of the Add-in. We developed the core structure for the MSI based installer and programmed many custom interfaces to handle different deployment scenarios and permission issues related to installation the Add-in.


This integration enabled users to easily and securely schedule and send meeting invitations for collaboration events from their desktop. This largely improved the user adoption of the enterprise collaboration tool.