Developing An Extensible MMC Conformance Test Program for Multimedia Devices

Company is able to incorporate newer specification versions very quickly and test new devices promptly and reliably



Our customer, a leading Operating System vendor, wanted to write a hardware compatibility test program which could help test compatibility of different multimedia devices like CD/DVD ROM / RAM / +-R/RW, with their different operating systems.


Specifications for the multimedia command set keep emerging and devices conform to different versions of the specification depending on the time they are manufactured. This required the program to be flexible and extensible to be able to add plug-ins for new versions of the specifications as they emerge.

The required workflow applications such as benefits enrollment etc. could not be specified completely up-front, but would get added to the system on an on-going basis. What was needed was a framework for adding such applications.

Harbinger Solution

Harbinger used its design expertise and created a design which would allow future versions of specifications to be easily incorporated into the program. The program also had some intelligence built into it to be able to test a multimedia device according to the specification that a device reports itself to conform to. Harbinger referred to the public MMC specification versions and developed this program as per the proposed design with in-built flexibility and extensibility. This led to the creation of a program that could effectively test the device firmware through the operating system by sending different command streams to the firmware as per the specification and verifying that the actions to be performed happened correctly. The program was tested on the required operating systems.


The customer received a near fully automated program to test various multimedia devices for conformance to the MMC version they claim support. Customer also derived significant efficiencies on operations, maintenance and extension of the program in response to continuously evolving specs.