Device Driver Testing for Windows OS

Company is able to create high levels of trust amongst their end users by attaining Microsoft Logo certification for the device drivers packages



  • A leading Application Performance company having a suite of WAN optimization products for environments such as Mobiles, Corporate Networks, Data Centers and Cloud setups
  • The company has extensive focus on testing all the products for conformance with Microsoft Windows OS standards


  • Company wants their client and gateway products to be scalable across different Windows environments
  • Facilitate easy distribution through Windows Update system and obtain a wider error coverage report

Harbinger Solution

  • ODevice drivers of client and gateway products are tested for compliance with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 OS; Gaps in compliance are analyzed and fixed
  • A test environment is setup and a series of automated tests are conducted
  • A successful test execution indicates complete compatibility of the device driver with the OS version
  • For the aborted test execution, the dump files generated from the test crash are analyzed to determine the issue
  • Issues along with possible fixes are communicated to the customer and tests are re-executed until all the tests are completed successfully

Technologies & Tools

  • Driver Test Manager (DTM) from Windows Logo Kit 1.5
  • Windows Debugger (WinDbg)
  • 1394 adapters and cables
  • Intel Quad core machines


  • Customer could make their products compatible with Windows Operating Systems and this helped them obtain the Windows Logo Certification
  • Customer could effectively increase the reach of their products to a wide range of enterprises using various Windows environments