eBook Web Reader for Certification Training

With scalable and feature rich web reader, customer could deliver the certification program efficiently and effectively across the globe



  • A global organization in networking products building a cloud based learning platform for their certification training program
  • An online eBook reader needed to deliver rich media content for effective training and collaboration for classroom learning and beyond


  • Access ePUB3 content within browser with multimedia support
  • Interactive features such as bookmarks, annotations and highlights
  • Provide Digital Rights Management (DRM) features
  • Provide comprehensive content search functionality
  • Real-time synchronization of multiple session across multiple devices

Harbinger Solution

  • Harbinger implemented a highly scalable ePUB3 content server to deliver device and browser optimized content with flexible layouts
  • HTML5 and JQuery based online player implemented to efficiently render ePUB3 content with ability to quickly bookmark, highlight text and insert notes
  • Provided Solr based search engine for efficient search across the eBook
  • Implemented a web socket based server which keeps track of user's active sessions for real-time synchronization of annotation related data across multiple devices
  • DRM engine imposed access rights options with features like enable print, print copy limit, enable clipboard, footer text, max simultaneous sessions etc.

Technologies & Tools

  • Spring Grails framework
  • Solr Search Engine
  • Node.js
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript, JQuery
  • Spring Tool Suite


  • Seamless user experience of learning on-the-go with multiple devices synchronization in real-time
  • Better collaboration using annotation features helped engage users in active learning
  • Search engine delivers keyword-highlighted results for improved contextual relevancy to the user
  • Content distribution made more secure with DRM policies supported by the application