Elearning Course Player for Compliance Training Over iPhone

Successful comprehensive mobile learning implementation for quick turnaround in the face of fast-changing regulatory environment



  • An NYSE listed company providing learning & development courses for various domains such as finance, legal, etc., wanted to implement mobile learning in order to increase the reach of their compliance training with effective course delivery.
  • Its professional division conducts and creates courses for compliance training in finance and other domains with dynamic and fast-changing regulatory environment


  • The company wants to increase the reach of its compliance training
  • Wants to display the course material similar to a program conducted in the closed confines of a classroom
  • Mobile learning an emerging area and generally looked upon with some apprehension
  • Change of form-factor and capabilities create a challenge for effective course delivery and display on mobile

Harbinger Solution

  • iPhone client that supports downloadable courses with ability to search and preview content before course-taking
  • Client downloads and provides content in online as well as offline mode for faster access from any place
  • Course content and assessments customized for the iPhone screen form-factor and multi-touch navigation
  • Course progress synchronized with server and reflected with Learning Management and other systems on the backend

Technologies & Tools

  • iPhone 3.1 SDK
  • Xcode 3.2
  • 3D Animations and Transformations (graphical courses)
  • Objective-C Language Cocoa Touch framework
  • Cocoa Touch framework


  • Users from customer companies on top of regulatory and compliance updates with immediate course creation and delivery
  • iPhone usage markedly different from traditional mobile usage, resulting in successful mobile learning of compliance and regulatory framework changes