Eligibility Rules for Insurance e-Commerce Portal

Company implemented a complex workflow automation that required no programming and maximum flexibility to match frequent future changes.



A brick-and-mortar event insurance company based in San Francisco was in the process of creating an e-Business application to computerize their workflow. An innovative approach was required for preserving the flexibility in eligibility rules, which change with time due to changing policies and regulations.


One of the big challenges in this automation was the implementation of eligibility rules. The customer wanted flexibility of changing the eligibility rules at a later point. Implementing those as COM components was not a desired alternative, since it would require programming and also recompilation of the code at a later point.

Harbinger Solution

The first option was of encoding the rules in the database; however, encoding exercise was complex for the rules, containing multiple questions in binary tree format. Every intermediate node had a question and every terminating node had action. The questions were referring to user-specific information, which was only available during the session. Harbinger Systems' team decided to enumerate the eligibility rule tree's question paths and encode those in Oracle database. The questions were written as stored procedures.