Facebook Application Development

A Facebook application was developed for sampling the SiteJazzer widgets and for ease of updating and sharing of interactivities



SiteJazzer wanted to leverage Facebook for promoting the product by creating interest amongst target audience like web designers


Preserve rich user experience of SiteJazzer interactivities on Facebook Need for SiteJazzer's custom multi-file Flash output to be accessed by Facebook application Need for mechanism to update interactivities and share with customers

Harbinger Solution

Flash widgets hosted on third party sites such as Google Sites to experience widgets performance Instead of videos, actual Flash interactivity is embedded with FBML App to experience interactions Used Facebook accounts authentication Social integration with Twitter and LinkedIn

Technologies & Tools

FBML Script Facebook iFrame Facebook Authentication using consumer and secret keys OAuth 2.0 for authentication and authorization JSON based communication


Viral marketing of product Fast customer feedback and response on new releases Easy update of interactivities.