HTML5 Widget Creation Tool

Company's positioning with providing 'no programming' widgets got a boost with HTML5 widgets



  • Software vendor creates web-based development tools for website engineers
  • Product provides ready Adobe Flash widgets library for websites
  • Library includes animated Flash widgets like "flip-book", "panning cards" and others
  • Online tool enables website owners to purchase and embed ready widgets without programming


  • Company wants Flash widgets to be available in HTML5
  • HTML5 animations and 3D look needs to be as smooth and attractive as Flash ones
  • HTML5 is emerging standard, and not supported consistently across browsers and their versions

Harbinger Solution

  • HTML5 logic and animations using various 3D libraries and tags providing a look and feel similar to Flash
  • Detecting browsers and versions to provide appropriate functionality for a consistent look and feel
  • JavaScript obfuscation logic to protect vendor IP
  • A way to display Flash (SWF) or HTML5 output to website visitor dynamically at run time

Technologies & Tools

  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • CSS3
  • XSLT
  • 3D HTML5 Library for 3D widgets
  • Video support through OGG format


  • Company was first to market with ready-to-customize-and-use HTML5 widgets for website owners and webmasters
  • Company customers could choose to deploy HTML5 widgets for their website visitors