IoT based conference room reservation optimization

We could increase the conference rooms availability by over 30% by updating conference rooms reservations through Arduino, Sensors and Parse Cloud



  • Office employees need conference rooms for client calls, presentations, knowledge transfers and brainstorming sessions
  • A mobile application enables any employee to reserve/cancel a conference room


  • Employee reserves conference rooms for multiple slots anticipating future requirement
  • Sometimes the meetings get cancelled but the reservation persists
  • So even though the conference room is available, and somebody needs it, he / she won't get the conference room
  • Often a room is reserved for an hour but meeting ends within half an hour leading to under-utilization

Harbinger Solution

  • Built an IoT system to update the availability of conference room based on sensor data
  • The light, sound sensors sense luminosity, sound, motion every 5 seconds and send it to the Parse cloud through Arduino
  • The sensor data is analyzed to determine if the conference room is occupied or vacant
  • During the reservation period, if the room is observed to be vacant, based on the sensor data analytics, an alert is sent to the reservation app and the meeting is cancelled and the slot is displayed as available
  • An employee can occupy a vacant conference room just by clicking a push button , thus getting the room reserved for the next half hour
  • A mobile app (iOS and Android) shows room availability, and enables reservation, cancellation

Technologies & Tools


  • Arduino microcontrollers with WiFi module
  • Sound, light and motion sensors, Push button
  • Electronic Display boards


  • Parse Cloud platform for IoT
  • Wiring Language for Arduino
  • Android and iOS mobile platform


  • Employee can view the real time data about conference room availability from their mobile app
  • Utilization of conference rooms was increased substantially