iPhone Wheel Game for Trivia

Company offered a customizable 3D version of a popular trivia game on iPhone with a great gaming experience



A startup company looking to tap the growing demand for gaming applications on mobile, and wanted to engage the gamers by offering a 3D game on iPhone


  • To judiciously use the limited screen size of iPhone
  • To display wheel as well as question screens
  • To retain the context of the game across screen transitions
  • The app needed to display questions randomly from a file
  • The questions need be to be customizable
  • Need for Rapid Application Development game engine, capable of publishing 3D games on iPhone

Harbinger Solution

  • An iPhone App using Unity3d Game Framework
  • The application displays a wheel to be spun by a fling action on screen
  • The application reads the questions and categories from an xml file. Questions are read randomly
  • Animations for wheel rotation and transition between screens resulting in a connected and engaging gaming experience
  • Accelerometer to tilt the wheel, based on the angle of iPhone while playing

Technologies & Tools

  • Unity3D Game Engine for iPhone
  • Cinema4D for 3D Asset Creation
  • iPhone touch/drag events handled from Unity Game Engine
  • JavaScript, XML Parsing for game logic
  • File Reading for XML I/O operations
  • Animation effects to handle screen transitions and object resizing


  • The company was able to reduce time to market by moving quickly from conceptualization to delivery of game thereby gaining competitive edge
  • Due to customizable questions, the company could stage the same application for multiple types of trivia games