Mash Up APIs and Integrations with Social Network websites Using Ruby on Rails

Helped rapidly provide social networking features to its present and prospective enterprise customers



    A California based startup Software Company specializing in cost effective mobile applications wanted to quickly extend its solutions to leverage the benefits of social networking


  • Develop a cross-platform web application that needed data to be fetched from multiple portals to be showcased as a custom page
  • Provide Single-Sign-On across multiple portals
  • Provide social collaboration using Facebook and Twitter
  • Provide User data Security (Blocking cross site request forgery blocking and Malicious requests)

Harbinger Solution

  • Adapted Model-View-Controller (MVC) approach for system design using Agile practices and RoR DRY principles
  • Leveraged Web Services to fetch external data
  • Seamless integration with Facebook and Twitter
  • Session based implementation with digested session cookie and inbuilt RSS / ATOM feeds
  • Testing and Audit by specialized security experts

Technologies & Tools

  • Rails 3
  • REST API for web services
  • Facebook and Twitter Plug-ins: FaceBooker, TwitterAuth
  • Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)


  • Improved productivity and reduced time-to-market by faster integration with social portals
  • Platform independent and secure solution
  • Better application maintainability due to Ruby-on-Rails DRY principles.