A Medical Prescription Reminder App for iPhone

A native mhealth application improving patient well-being by enabling timely consumption of prescribed medicines



  • A US based start-up in healthcare domain providing technology solutions
  • Company wants to use smart phones to improve collaboration between patients and doctors


  • Irregular and incorrect consumption of prescribed medicine
  • Maintain a manual record of medicines consumed
  • Patients miss the timely intake of their medicines
  • Difficulty in keeping track of the medicine consumption routine and sharing updates with the doctor or family

Harbinger Solution

  • Developed an iPhone application which enables the patient to record their prescription details and generate notifications to consume medicines at the right time
  • Implemented a log book facilitating easy interface to add the medicine consumption data and also way to quickly synchronize the consumption with application database
  • The medicine consumption data is periodically synchronized with Kinvey, a cloud backend platform. The app then analyses the medicine consumption from the historical log on the server and recommends the next dosage level to the patient.
  • Core Plot Library was used to create the graphs and reports. The app interface enables the patient to invite family/doctor to view the graphical reports via a pass code.

Technologies & Tools

  • iOS 7 with Xcode 5.1.1
  • Kinvey Kit Framework
  • LibSqlite 3.dylib
  • Message UI Framework
  • Social Framework
  • Core Plot library


  • Improved patient's health diagnostics due to organized alert options
  • Ease of recording the prescribed medicine dosage
  • Enhanced user satisfaction with corrective dosage recommendations from the app
  • Sharing of log reduced multiple clinic/hospital visits for the patient. Graphs and reports helped doctors to monitor patients treatment progress in an efficient manner.