Mobile CRM Client for iPhone & Blackberry

A lightweight mobile CRM client with three key modules - Contacts, Leads and Opportunities, that provide sales team with access to critical CRM functionality on the move



  • A diversified enterprise delivering software products and services across 45 countries
  • Company uses a central web-based open source CRM software for its sales force


  • The company wants to provide sales team access to critical CRM functionality while being on the move
  • Application focus was to make it fast, frill-less and hassle-free access on mobile devices

Harbinger Solution

  • Adapted web-based interface to iPhone's and Blackberry's native-UI and small factor
  • A lightweight CRM client with key modules, Contacts, Leads and Opportunities developed with quick turnaround time
  • Mobile clients support offline and online modes with sync and connectivity to server through a web service

Technologies & Tools

  • iPhone 2.2.1 SDK
  • Xcode 3.2
  • Google Map GMap2 API for showing address
  • Email and calling API for contact
  • CRM-Web Service communication
  • BlackBerry SDK 5.0
  • Event handling and listeners
  • KSoap2 for SOAP connectivity to web services
  • Multiple UI layouts for different screens


  • Sales people constantly connected and productive in offline as well as online mode
  • Sales teams able to instantly note down contacts and opportunities without having to resort to cumbersome mechanisms like Notepad, Excel and others