Mobile Food Ordering Application for iPhone

Company able to blend brick-and-mortar retail and mobile experience with robust business model



  • A Silicon Valley startup with focus on mobile retail consumer products
  • Company wants to build a mobile a la carte ordering system for a major fast food chain in US


  • Food menu a dynamic and fast-changing part of restaurant operations
  • Customer should get close to in-store experience and be able to customize and mix-and-match food items on-the-go
  • Display and ordering system to be integrated with mobile payment gateway with multiple options

Harbinger Solution

  • An iPhone application with interactive menu and custom UI controls to enable food ordering at the finger tips
  • App uses data plan and proprietary web services to get current specials, combo deals, up-selling items, food ingredients, allergen info, nutrition value etc.
  • Builds up order, offers payment options, uses SMS gateway and SMS printer for order printing and delivery
  • Shows nearest outlet locations using GPS for optional order pickup
  • Extensive app branding options to enable quick white-labeling of the mobile solution

Technologies & Tools

  • iPhone OS 3.1.2
  • Custom UI control with animations
  • Web Services and Networking
  • GPS Services
  • Google Map APIs
  • SQLite Database
  • SMS integration using Ruby on Rails


  • Company able to strike deals with multiple fast food chains to provide a valuable service
  • Fast food chain customers able to order and pick up with maximum information on their fingertips and minimum hassles