Mobile News Video Streaming App on Windows Phone 7

Company enabled its customers to reach their subscribers with real time news updates using video streaming on mobile phones



  • An independent software vendor serving the media & news wants to enable its customers to reach their audience on mobile devices
  • Company sees mobile as an upcoming area in news & media with the growing 3G / 4G penetration


  • The mobile application should be maintainable with content being highly dynamic
  • The application needs to support video streaming of various news categories
  • The company wants to reach market faster in order to capitalize on growing demand for mobile applications

Harbinger Solution

  • A Windows Phone 7 application that enables playing news videos of various categories
  • The videos on server are served dynamically to the mobile device
  • The details of the video are fetched using Web Services
  • The videos can be shared on social networks like FaceBook and Twitter
  • The application built in two flavors: a paid version and a free app with random advertisements at the start of videos

Technologies & Tools

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.x
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional
  • Microsoft Express Blend 4 for UI Design
  • Silverlight for Windows Phone 7
  • Microsoft C#.NET for Code Behind
  • Windows Phone 7 Emulator to debug the application
  • Microsoft WCF for Web Services (Server Side implementation)


  • The subscribers could stay connected to all the news by watching various videos
  • The subscribers could get real time updates independent of their location
  • The company was able to reach its subscribers on mobile platform