Online Audience Response System

A product built for group activities during PowerPoint presentations gets the ability to tie the audience to each other and to the presenter in real-time



  • A software vendor provides presentation enhancement software as a plug-in to Microsoft PowerPoint
  • The software enables running of effective group activities with the audience during a presentation


  • The customers using the product want a live user experience through an audience response system in both an in-person and online setting
  • Traditional audience response systems use custom hardware or software for engaging audience in real-time
  • Can the product enable the audience to respond using a wide range of generic computing devices without specialized software?

Harbinger Solution

  • The PowerPoint add-in is embedded into the presentation deck of presenter
  • The presenter shares questions to the audience from time to time from the respective slides
  • The audience uses a web-based interface to respond to the questions in real-time
  • The PowerPoint add-in uses secured sockets to communicate information to and from connected users
  • The audience sees the collective / individual responses, and the presenter harnesses the responses after the session

Technologies & Tools

  • Flash Remoting/External Interface for communication
  • Microsoft .NET Remoting
  • Microsoft .NET Windows application programming
  • Windows Service for Socket/Remoting Server
  • Socket Programming for backward connections
  • Advanced AJAX and ASP.NET for web clients


  • Audience can connect and contribute without a need for custom hardware or software
  • Presenter able to instantly collect responses and feedback without having to resort to offline interactions