Social Networking Solution for Sports Enthusiasts

Feature-rich platform for athletes and serious sports enthusiasts to interact and manage their workouts



A social community website needed to be developed for sports enthusiasts to interact and share valuable experience about various events, equipments and training. The goal was to be able to provide a simple but rich and personalized social-interaction platform specifically catering to the needs of sportsmen.


Harbinger was required to conceptualize and design the whole application. Every feature needed to be identified, specified and built ground-up. The application needed to make use of complex client-side scripting (JavaScript and AJAX) for rich UI and at the same time also work across all popular browsers.

Harbinger Solution

  • Harbinger decided to build the application using Microsoft .NET AJAX as the core technology. The portal supports various features like Forums, Blogs, RSS feed viewer, Google maps, Browser add-ons to upload data from sport utility devices, Opinion Poll, My Profile- Personalized Home Page, Event Calendar etc.
  • The application also includes custom menu, graphing and chart control developed using Flash and ActionScript 2.0. The application use XML, XSLT and AJAX extensively to facilitate high degree of customization at a user level and improves performance by asynchronously communicating with the server- periodically sending/receiving small chunks of data.

Technologies & Tools

  • Microsoft .NET, AJAX, XML, XSLT
  • Garmin and Nike+ sports devices
  • Forums, RSS Feed viewer, Blogs and Google Maps
  • Browser plug-in, Facebook app, mobile browser compatibility


The application provides the best platform for sports enthusiast to interact and share experiences using the latest modes of communication (Forums, Blogs etc.) in a very intuitive and pleasant manner.