Pc Game Migration to iPhone and Android

Company experimented with the new mobile channel for product promotion at very low cost



  • A NASDAQ listed networking hardware and appliance maker has a thriving product certification and training business arm
  • The product certification and training department, a profit center, drives revenues by training professionals on complex network and hardware concepts
  • Company wants to monetize the course and content via smart phones, thereby reaching wider audiences and earning incremental revenue


  • Increasing game speed over progressive levels required superior performance at high speeds of multi-touch interface
  • Original PC game had a point-and-click interface for sequential input while iPhone & Android require multi-touch support for simultaneous input from the user

Harbinger Solution

  • Tetris-like teaser game engages users with number "pegs" to be selected and animated by touch
  • Game developed with graphics, animation and multi-touch interactivity
  • Progressive levels increased in complexity and speed for user to respond with correct answers using multi-touch

Technologies & Tools

  • iPhone 3.1 SDK
  • Xcode 3.2
  • UIView animations, timers and view transitions
  • Sound, video & animations (Media Player Framework)
  • File management (NSFileManager)
  • Android OS 1.6
  • Touch event handling (OnClickListener)
  • Music API (MediaPlayer)
  • Layouts & ViewGroup classes


  • Company engages users with an addictive teaser game that has links to website for up-selling complex training courses