Stock Ticker App on Mobile

A financial company uses brand new mobile channel for wider reach to its customers



  • A leading stock broker firm which has well-established web-based stock ticker application wants to move their application on new emerging technologies like smart phone
  • Company wants a portal for individual to plan and track their stock & indices in real time, and to analyze the past
  • Company facing competition from similar portals, and wants to leap ahead of them


  • Application needs to have fast access to real-time stock quote data
  • Application to have minimum possible memory usage with low battery consumption and high performance
  • Display of detailed stock information in minimal screen space

Harbinger Solution

  • Created market trends charts to remain update relevant stock news
  • Created a Wrapper customized layer (a WCF service), which plays the role of mediator/agent between mobile client and Yahoo Quote service using YQL in JSON format.
  • Layer is customized to reduce battery consumption and increase performance
  • App adapted from web-based interface to Windows Phone 7 native-UI principles
  • Used Push Architecture to display the real-time stock update

Technologies & Tools

  • Visual Studio 2010 express for Windows Phone
  • Windows Communication foundation (WCF) Service
  • Microsoft Advertisement
  • Visifire Charts for windows phone
  • Push Notification
  • Linq


  • The mobile app is a practical application for market players to record and track their stock quote or indices in real time
  • Automatic quote price update using push ensures critical timely access to users
  • Revenue generation for client through Microsoft advertisement integration