Test Automation Using Open Source Platform Ruby-on-Rails

Ruby based open source framework improved the test coverage and reduced the overall cost of regression testing



A California based leading software vendor with specialized products and services for healthcare industry having a portal with intensive data processing was looking to speed up regression testing cycles.


  • Handling massive amount of data and expected results to be derived from a decision table
  • Filling and submission of Forms with more than 80 fields
  • Synchronizing and Automating Ajax feeds
  • Integration of Report engine with mailer to publish the test outcome

Harbinger Solution

  • Open source Ruby based framework
  • Open source Ruby based framework
  • Test Automation of browser based application
  • Reusable libraries of functionalities
  • Database validation
  • Win forms validations
  • Test logs prepared in Excel

Technologies & Tools

  • Ruby
  • WatiR
  • FireWatir
  • DBI libraries
  • AutoIT


  • Platform independent, scalable framework based solution
  • Fast and lightweight deployment
  • Cost effective and non-proprietary solution