Web Application Portal Using Open Source Platform Ruby on Rails

Ruby-on-Rails based secure application helped the company create new certification program for compliance training



    A UK-based non profit organization in the domain of science and technical education wanted to develop a web application for secure auditing of evidence submissions.


  • Auditors need to quickly track the status update
  • Automate the process of approvals
  • Feeds for easy update of portal with promotional content
  • Secure transactions and evidence submissions

Harbinger Solution

  • Radiant CMS based solution with content management, user management and automatic mailing system
  • Adapted Model-View-Controller (MVC) approach for system design using Agile practices and RoR DRY principles
  • Business Process Workflow Automation
  • Payment Gateway Integration, Facebook and Twitter integration, RSS / ATOM feeds
  • MemCache based solution for quick response

Technologies & Tools

  • Rails 2.3, Radiant CMS, Action Web Services
  • PayPal
  • Action mailer
  • JQuery, JavaScript and MySQL
  • Facebook and Twitter Plug-ins (Facebooker, TwitterAuth)
  • Ruby library to handle Cross-site Request Forgery Attacks


  • Easily auditable Rich UI /UX and functionality
  • Secure and customizable portal solution