Web Based Interface to Manage the Host Platform & Services

A secure web based middleware was developed to access host platform and services of the console


  • A US based startup company in the domain of network security developed an innovative application using intelligent malware behavior based analysis
  • The features of network security application's background service were accessible only via console on Linux


  • Develop a middleware with a quick turnaround to align with aggressive marketing strategies
  • Need for a REST based interface for data consumption by 3rd party apps and platforms
  • Ease of portability from Linux to Windows is of prime concern
  • Instant reporting of events over TCP
  • Elevating and de-elevating user privileges as required at run time

Harbinger Solution

  • Developed custom frameworks and API's resulting in considerable reduction in development time
  • Implemented a multi threaded component which can perform a simple yet robust communication with the console. Architected a batch wise configuration update mechanism which can intelligently modify config commands to avoid lengthy application restarts.
  • Bean categorization carried out based on spring profiles at application startup. The platform switches implementations based on the underlying operating system.
  • Utilized file system call-backs and mapped the new events with old ones to avoid duplicate events and sent them to Syslog swiftly via RFC 3164 format
  • Elevation of permissions at the native level and invoked using Java Native Interface

Technologies & Tools

  • Java
  • Spring Framework
  • Python
  • Bash
  • AWK and SED
  • CSH
  • Tomcat
  • Xstream and Jackson JSON Serialization


  • Customer is able to leverage first mover advantage resulting in early ROI. Customer could achieve around 60% reduction of developer's time for implementing validations.
  • Seamless conversion of Console application to web over Windows and Linux with improved performance
  • Customer able to capture wider market share by application's multiple OS support
  • Instantaneous mitigation of the problem by system administrator
  • Ensured better system stability and security