The success of any software is dependent on how it scores on performance, security, maintainability and scalability. Our advanced testing practice provides a comprehensive test strategy (encompassing functional and non-functional) to improve quality and performance of the software.

Harbinger Systems offers expertise in performance engineering that focuses on early identification of performance bottlenecks and by preparing the applications to take-up the expected and peak user load in the production environment. Our performance testing services include:


Workload model creation


Performance measurement and optimization


Load prediction


Application profiling


Stress Testing (determining the system breakdown point)


Endurance Testing (ensuring sustainability of the application by running performance tests for a longer duration)

Our comprehensive performance testing approach ensures optimum performance of your applications across devices and configurations.

Harbinger's application security testing services include assessing the security of your application, securing the network and the host environment. Harbinger has expertise with multiple security test tools including scanners for OWASP and SANS vulnerabilities.

Our experience with software ISVs in providing scalable test automation solutions for device compatibility and API/Framework testing positions as well.

We provide a comprehensive testing strategy to improve quality and performance of your software and systems performance testing.

Learn more about our offerings on Smart Qualification, Performance Testing, Optimized Automation and Application Security Testing.


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