We provide ideas to take your product further. Very often a product development company has a limited number of employees and consultants. So getting ideas for product enhancements or validation of ideas that come in from a particular segment of your customer base proves to be tough. With Harbinger Systems having around 500 employees, you can validate your ideas, or have our creative and enthusiastic people come up with suggestions that will benefit your users. Of course, this is a special service and is only offered if you choose to let all our employees view and use your product.

Harbinger now offers 'INNOVATION-AS-A-SERVICE' to the customers on a pay-as-you-use model. Here is a recent case snippet of the derivative innovation from 'Innovation-as-a-Service' initiative:

Innovation-as-a-service Case Snippet

For a Human Resources (HR) customer, Harbinger developed a Web Application that helps companies to manage guidance and counseling services for employees. While the beta version of the product was approved by the customer, however, the customer was looking forward to good suggestions from Harbinger especially related to the usability quotient of the product.

Harbinger engaged usability experts who carried out the heuristic evaluation of the application to identify the hypothesis for the study. The study was spread over a month and comprised of in-depth interviews with the users of the system and observations of their usage patterns. After the assimilation and analysis of these observations, the recommendations that were put forth increased the usability. In addition, the application was exercised by around 200 Harbinger employees having varied experience and skillset and they came up with more recommendations. These recommendations significantly impacted the ease of adoption, acceptance and usage by the client's user base. These efforts of the Harbinger team were crucial for the client.


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