User-centric design, particularly when applied during the early stages of product development, reduces the overall product development costs. The goal of the UI-UX team is to create intuitive & efficient products that provide rich user experience to the end users and are more competitive in the industry.

We employ Lean UX methodologies to drive our design process that helps us and our customers to validate the product ideas in the early stages and refine & iterate to perfection. Our team of highly talented enthusiasts has unique problem-solving skills inspired by design thinking methodologies, a proven protocol to achieve extraordinary results. Our strength lies in combining the best of both these methodologies suitable for our customer needs, to deliver a product with rich user experience & reduced go-to-market time.

UI-UX Offerings

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Harbinger has several accelerators for rapid development and deployment of Web designs and we provide an enhanced user experience for organizations as well. Some of them include Harbinger's UI Framework front-end development framework, Ready library of CSS3 and JQuery components.


User Interface Test Automation for e-Commerce Application

Strong User Interface automation strategy delivered a framework which achieved reduction in execution time and ease of maintenance


UI-UX best practices in CMS based web design

Webinar to gain insights on various practices, processes and design strategies to create and deliver a rich and exceptional UI-UX for your CMS based website.


7 Things you should know about website UI and UX

The do's and don'ts of a website design with the guidance of key points to achieve an exceptional user experience.

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