Data Science field has evolved in recent past and has become imperative to the success of most businesses. It has become a necessity for businesses to leverage data (created/generated/aggregated) both unstructured and structured and develop tools/algorithms that will help take informed decisions at various levels.

It is imperative to mobilize resources with varied skillsets and uncover/address right problems that will bring value to the organization. Harbinger's Data Science team comprises of well-experienced engineers, statisticians, and analysts (data analyst and business analyst) who work together as a cohesive team to tackle the real business problems at ease.

Devising Data Strategy

Product & Data Engineering


Our Capabilities


SaaS Based Enterprise Electronic Health Record System

A SaaS based enterprise Big Data application for maintaining Electronic Health Records (EHR)


Deploy Big Data solutions Rapidly in Cloud through Harbinger's ABC model

Insights about how Harbinger's ABC model can help organizations in overcoming some of the challenges they face in building Big Data solutions.


Defining Trends for Data Science in 2015

Know the evolving trends that showcased or represented data in structured or unstructured manner and also defined Data Science for 2015

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