Business digitization is going to a whole new level due to The Internet of Things. Sensors, beacons and devices are driving business transformation across enterprises and the ‘connected world’ is on the horizon. Harbinger can work with you in building your IoT solutions connecting people, process and things. We leverage our technology-agnostic approach, scaling through cloud-based services and analytics experience, providing you IoT-based solutions that help you achieve your enterprise goals.

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IoT Showcase


An Off-Road Travel and Navigation App for iOS and Android for Startup

A unique mobile app based on patented numbering system, empowers users to easily navigate on-road and off-road locations


IoT Cloud Platforms and Middleware for Rapid Application Development

The IoT Cloud platforms enable you to develop & integrate your application and solution with any device, anywhere; providing a reliable, seamless experience in the shortest time window.


Smart Wearables, Connected Devices and IoT Ecosystem - Covered at Length at Wearable Tech Show USA 2015

Key highlights of the Wearable Tech Show USA 2015 and Medical Wearables, a panel discussion on the recent updates and developments in the wearable sector.

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