Harbinger has deep expertise in building consumer internet applications using various cutting-edge technologies in web and desktop. We bring years of experience in developing web and connected desktop applications that utilize the latest and most stable technologies in software development.

Portfolio of our offerings

Modular Application Development

Aspects such as social integrations, content syndication, RIA and distributed delivery demand a modular architecture that is highly optimized for fast and reliable access. We have an in-depth understanding of software architectures like Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Representational State Transfer (REST) and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) to build applications that are delivered as a service (SaaS). We encapsulate and integrate different pieces securely using formats like JSON, and use content management systems (CMS) such as Joomla!, Drupal and Microsoft SharePoint to enable fast implementation and deployments.

Web 2.0 Software Development Services

Rich Internet Applications

Harbinger Systems has extensive experience in building interactivity software using JavaScript, Flash, FLEX and Silverlight technologies. We develop cutting-edge interactivity applications using these technologies, and our award-winning products are a testament to our excellence in building great user experiences. Widely considered as experts in interactivity software, Harbinger Systems can add the required zing to your consumer portal.

Social Networking Portals

We build social networking portals for friends, fans and enthusiasts who need to share or collaborate on their interests and passions. Drawing on principles from crowdsourcing and user-generated content, we have enabled many websites with integrations to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others. This has resulted in companies gaining instant user feedback, expanding their user base and providing faster and optimum access to data-intensive content like video.

Content Syndication and Distribution

Our software development services include expertise in various APIs and light-weight formats for web integrations, and we enable companies to syndicate content from multiple sources using mash-ups, web services and APIs. We also enable web applications and website content access from mobile phones through mobile browsers and dedicated native applications.

Desktop Access

For some applications, having a downloadable desktop component is a crucial piece. We build desktop applications like administrative consoles for heavy usage, downloadable modules for offline access and packaged desktop software to interact natively with peripherals and devices. We use latest desktop development technologies like Adobe AIR and Microsoft Silverlight in addition to Java and .NET to build native desktop software.


A Secured HIPAA Compliant Web Based Portal

A stable and well engineered platform with improved security and enhanced usability features resulted in swift growth in client’s market share


Building Amazing Web Applications Rapidly with Emerging Tech

Leverage the emerging trends and technologies in web development to build a quality app rapidly.


Application Scaling using Redis

Data in this digitized world is growing at an exponential pace, doubling itself in size every few years. Regular RDBMS and older databases are simply lacking behind. The frequent read and writes on disc storage database costs a performance drop in applications.

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